It’s amazing how important sleep is!

This picture above shows you the stages of sleep we should be getting every night. People that suffer from sleep apnea and are untreated, don’t even make it to info stage 4 and this is why people suffering with sleep apnea are so tired and grumpy, have short term memory loss and have lack of motivation.  Every time an episode happens the body goes into a panic due to lack of oxygen in the body. This results in your body not getting into the deep sleep it needs as these episodes alert your body to try and wake up and breathe again.

Sleeping and getting into each stage will help improve your quality of life by feeling refreshed in mornings, no day-time sleepiness, more motivation to exercise and helps with concentration. This is just a few of the benefits and CPAP treatment can help you feel this way!

All CPAP is a continuous positive airway pressure. This pressure of air gets pumped through from a machine which is then connected to a hose and mask that is placed on the face. So when going to sleep, you place the CPAP treatment on and the pressure will come through to hold open the air way to eliminate an episodes. This then results in a better night sleep and quality of life.

A list of benefits from using CPAP are*:

  • Refreshed in the mornings
  • Motivation
  • Improved memory and concentration
  • Weight loss and less sugar cravings (combined with healthy eating and exercise)
  • Lower stress levels/depression
  • Decreases the risk of heart attack or stroke
  • Decrease risk of having an accident
  • Improves going to the bathroom at night
  • Eliminates snoring
  • Helps with morning headaches
  • Helps the body and brain to rest and restore it self.

CPAP treatment can be offered on a 5 week trial at Respirico as we would like you to try it and feel the results for your self.


*Please keep in mind everyone is different and not everyone feels all or only some of the benefits or it may take some time on treatment. This is why we are offer the trial as CPAP is not for some people.