Welcome to 2016, we hope everyone had a great start to the new year.

How is everyone’s New Years resolutions going?

At Respirico we like to look back on each year and think what makes this local business work. The ‘We Care’ is what we strive on at Respirico as your health is our main priority. The aim for this year is to provide you with our highest standard of customer service and provide you with the latest products on the market to fit your needs. We like to work with you and support you for the long run as  this is a long term treatment option. Cheers to another year!

2016 so far is looking great with another CPAP mask on the market from Philips Respironics. It’s the Amara View, which has a clear vision with the under the nose seal technology. The reviews are coming back great with customers saying, ‘feels a lot less on the face and is comfortable,’ and ‘easier to sleep on their side without having any leaks coming through the into the eyes.’ There is a different sizes to help fit all faces. Here is a couple of photos.

respironics-amara-view-full-face-cpap-mask[fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=maxresdefaultab869587b298_137_Amara View showing nose hole

Remember we offer a one week trial, please call  1800 208 826 to make an appointment.

Also if you are a Elite Member and have been for more then 3 months, you are eligible to get $30 off any new mask sale.

Stayed posted as something new is coming to Respirico.


* This mask is not for everyone and it is highly recommended to do the mask trial before essaywritingplace.com purchasing.