What was your New Years resolution?

I found that a lot of friends and family always say to get fit and healthy.

Getting fit and healthy is about changing your lifestyle and choices made. It takes a lot of will-power to over come cravings and to get motivated to make this change.

A great website to show you some guidelines is www.eatforhealth.gov.au/. It’s an Australian website that gives you a good run down of what is recommended, what is bad and good and how much should be eaten. This picture below is a great guide to help if your healthy eating.

It’s always good to have support around you as dietary decisions will need to made when eating out and/or going to your friends/families place. You will need to consider the portion sizes and instead of that burger and fries, look at a salad with non – creamy dressings. Unfortunately you won’t be able to avoid all bad foods but as long as it’s kept to a couple occasions.

The first week to about the third and fourth week is the hardest as the body will crave sugar, this is where your will-power needs to come in and  say “NO!” This will vary between people home page as due to other health conditions.

And exercise is a big one. Exercise should be done at least 3-5 times a week for about 30 minutes. Again everyone is different and only do what you can. The FitBit watches have become very popular over the past couple of months as they are great with helping individuals get motivated and start seeing results. The website for the FitBit: https://www.fitbit.com/au/store. Take a look at some of the feedback too.



Well good luck to you all and hope everyone’s 2016 is going well.

** Keep in mind everybody is different and these guide lines may not be for for you. It’s best to discuss this with your local GP.