Because We Care , Respirico request you to try before you buy!

We understand that everyone is unique and the first equipment and pressure combination you try may not be the right one for you! During your CPAP trial you are given the opportunity to try different masks, machines and pressure to find your best fit. We also realise that although CPAP treatment works for majority of our patients that it isn’t right for everyone. Its a lot of money to spend so why not spend a few weeks getting it right?

Respirico CPAP Trial

Trial Start

Respirico offer a 5 week CPAP trial period.

The initial appointment take roughly one hour allowing us to discuss sleep apnea and CPAP treatment, mask selection, operating instructions and cleaning and maintenance of equipment.

Each week we request you return for a half hour appointment allowing us to review your progress, send your results to the Dr and make any necessary changes to improve your therapy.

During the trial you may try different demo masks and machines. We keep all three major CPAP brands in all the latest styles.

A deposit of $290 is payable upon commencement, and this covers the entire trial period.

End of the trial

At the end of the trial, patients have the option to purchase their own equipment, continue renting, or just return the equipment.

Purchasing CPAP Equipment

If you purchase a brand new machine from Respirico at the end of the trial, your $290 deposit will be refunded towards the purchase minus a cleaning fee of $10 per item used during the trial (machine and mask)

Your private health insurance may also refund part of the cost. Please contact them to check.
The total cost of machine, humidifier and mask ranges between $1,400 and $2,700

Second hand options may also be available. Full payment is required at the time of purchase. If finance is required, Please speak to respirico staff for more information.


The trial may be extended beyond the 5 weeks.

Rental costs begin at $65.00/ per month dependent on the type of machine required.


If the equipment is returned without purchasing, the trial fees will be deducted from the deposit and any balance refunded. If fees exceed the deposit, an additional payment will be required to make up the shortfall.

The fees charged are, $4 per day rent, $10 cleaning fee per item used, and a $100 service fee which covers all appointments.