Respirico supplies CPAP equipment, Oxygen Cylinders and Concentrators and Mobility. We thrive in providing the highest standard of customer service to our patients. Our staff are happy to provide advice and guidance throughout your time with Respirico.

History of Respirico

Respirico started in 2004, initially as Fluid Systems Pty Ltd, a mobile business which I ran out of my home office and the back of my car.  From humble beginnings, the company has now grown to include 5 shops, a number of regional clinics and a staff of 30+ people.

In the beginning I would sometimes travel 10 km or more just to sell a spare part worth a few dollars.  Most people thought I was crazy, but most of those early customers have stuck with me over the years, proving that good customer service is what really counts.  My own demanding customer service standards are now upheld and practiced by every one of my staff, and their contributions are one of the reasons why we have grown to be the most comprehensive and respected CPAP supplier in South Australia.

We are proudly South Australian owned and operated. Support your local.