The Brevida is F&P’s newest mask on the market and is their most advanced nasal pillow designed mask.

Key features are:

  • Washable diffuser filter on the front. (This makes it super quiet and stops the exit air blowing all over your bed partner).
  • Adjustable slimline headgear.
  • VisiBlue locking system to secure the pillows to the mask frame.
  • Inflatable pillow technology for the ultimate seal without nasal irritation.
  • Both pillow sizes in the pack. (XS/S & M/L)

The Brevida is a simple and light weight mask. It has clear vision straps, that goes under the eyes and has the velcro on the sides to adjust the size. Easy to clip in and out clips on the sides and light and thin nasal pillow cushion for comfort.


  • Cushion
  • Strapping
  • Diffuser
  • Instructions

Fisher & Paykel Cleaning Instructions:

Wipe over the cushion to remove any oils or residue from the cushion. This can be done with warm water and a cloth (if your going to use soap, use MILD soap – EG, baby, velvet, hand soap).
Rinse off all soap residue.
Leave all washed parts to dry out of the direct sunlight before reassembly.

– Hand wash the whole mask (including headgear) in Mild soap and luke-warm water. Do not soak for longer then 10 minutes, then rinse in fresh water and allow to air dry. Do this in the mornings.

This pillow mask is a must have for those craving a light and quiet mask that won’t disturb their partner.