Philips has long been known for its gel based styles and has now released the Nuance into this range. With unique gel pillows the Philips Nuance Nasal Pillow Mask offers a high level of comfort. It is available in both fabric and gel frames.
– Small
– Medium
– Large

– Lightweight
– Gel based pillows
– Nonslip headgear
– Available in Fabric or gel frame

– Nuance mask
– Choice of Fabric of gel frame

*do not over tighten mask before you put it on.
Pull the headgear over the head.
Insert the pillows into the nostrils
Adjust the crown strap. The headgear should sit above the ears similar to glasses.
– the mask parts should be away from your eyes. Loosen the crown strap to move the frame side straps away from the eyes.
Peel the tabs away from the straps, adjust the length evenly, then press the tabs agaist the straps to reattach.
the mask should rest comfortably against your face.

* You may choose to slip the mask tube through the headgear tube management loop.

Keep you adjustments. Easily remove the mask by grabbing the headgear back strap and slide the headgear forward over your head,
Grasp the pillow cushion and peel from elbow
Pull the elbow from the frame
Undo the frame tabs and pull through the slots in the headgear.
*Please note the elbow, tube and swivel are permanently attached. Do not attempt to separate the elbow or swivel from tube.

Philips Cleaning Instructions

Hand wash the entire mask before use using a mild hand wash in warm water.
The non-fabric parts should be hand washed  in mild warm soapy water daily.
The fabric parts should be hand washed weekly, or as needed.
Rinse thoroughly, air dry completely before use. Make sure the entire mask is dry before use. Fabric can be lined dry.
– This mask is dishwasher friendly but must be used in conjunction with instructions provided in purchase manual.

– Do not use bleach, alcohol, or cleaning solutions coating conditioners or moisturizers.
– Do Not place the fabric parts into the dryer.
– Any deviation from these instructions may impact the performance.
*Discard and replace any components as necessary