– Heated Hose
– Ambient room temperature control
– system one dry box technology

Philips 60 series CPAP devices can be used with optional IN6T heated hose humidifier. Humidification used together with the heated hose is designed to improve humidification and stop rain out which can be prominent in our winter months. The heated hose delivers the desired temperature from machine to mask.

The PR System one Humidifier with heated hose is designed to maximise your humidification, Minimise the chances of rain out within the hose,


System One humidity Control:

System one humidity looks at the ambient room temperature and patient airflow to reach relative humidity at the mask. It is designed to reduce rain out in the CPAP hose. Sensors within the machine monitor changes in humidity to help maximise your results.

Dry Box:

Dry box is a unique design created to prevent water from exiting the chamber and landing itself in your CPAP device. This technology acts as a separate cavity with a one-way valve between the machine and the humidifier. If the unit is moved or tipped and the water manages to escape your chamber it will get trapped in the dry box.

Heated Hose:

When using the Philips heated hose you will be required to use the onscreen SETTINGS menu to select one of three available levels of relative humidity:

Level one: 70%

Level two: 80%

Level three: 90%

On top of this you will need to set your heated hose setting, which can be done in both the Settings menu, or using your control knob and led light combination on top of the machine. Heated hose settings can be set from One to Five, ranging from 4-16deg above room temperature. Humidification is a personal choice, there is no right or wrong when setting this.
Heated Hose

80 watt power supply

Material Components of Metal Plates on Humidifier and Inside Chamber: Anondized Aluminum

Temperature Operating: 5° C to 35° C

Temperature Storage: 20° C to 60° C

Relative Humidity: 15 to 95% (non-condensing)

Dimensions: L21 x H21.9 x W10.3 cm

Weight (with water tank empty): < 1kg

Water Capacity: 325 mL at recommended water level
AC Power Consumption: 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1.7 A max.

Heater Settings: 1 to 5 (40° to 70° C)

System One Relative Humidity:
Setting 1 = 80-90%
Setting 2 = 70-80%
Setting 3 = 60-70%
Setting 4 = 50-60%
Setting 5 = 40-50%

Pressure Drop with Humidifier: (max.) 0.3cm H2O at 60 LPM flow
Humidifier Mode

System One Humidification
Heated Hose humidification