– Autoset pressure CPAP device
– EPR pressure relief
– Smartstart
– Auto Ramp
-ClimateLine Air

Resmed introduce the new Airsense range. A un complicated device designed to keep therapy simple. This device has an integrated HumidAir humidifier and optional ClimateLineAir heated tube which delivers optimal humidity and temperature control.

The ‘AUTOSET’ is the self adjusting pressure CPAP device, this means it is set at a minimum pressure and a maximum pressure and the machine will adjust based on your airway requirements. It includes the EPR comfort feature designed to add comfort when breathing out against the pressure.


Resmed Airsense Automated CPAP device

Resmed Airsense Power supply and Cord

Carry Bag

1.8m ClimateAir heated hose

SD memory card


Patient manual



Mode of Operation: Automated or Fixed pressure device

Warranty: Standard 2 year warranty/ option to increase by ONE or THREE years

Comfort Features: EPR

Reporting Features: SD Card / info screen – records therapy houses, AHI, 90th%ile pressure, Large leak and more

Pressure Range: Min 4cmH20/ Max: 20cmH20

Start Ramp Pressure: Min 4cmH20

Filters: Replaceable white filter

Electrical Requirements: 100-240v / 50/60Hz

Optional DC Power: 24v — 3.75A

AC Power: 100-240V

Dimensions: 11.6cm 25.5cm x 15cm

Weight: 1.24kg

Noise Level: 27dB

Service: This device does not require routine service