ResMed F20 Full Face Mask

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ResMed F20 Full Face Mask

ResMed’s latest full face mask is the F20.

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ResMed’s latest full face mask is the F20.

Sizes: Small, Medium and Large. Comes Blue standard headgear or purple for her headgear.


  • Innovative InfinitySeal silicone cushion designed to fit everyone, tolerate misfitting and accommodate patient movement
  • Comfortable and flexible frame designed to support the widest range of facial types
  • Easy to use magnetic clips for quick fitting
  • Clear field of vision for reading or watching TV in bed


  • Frame
  • Headgear
  • One size cushion
  • Instructions

***Warranty- 3 months


Hold the frame and seal with one hand and the headgear in the other. Place the seal over the mouth and then the nose and guide the headgear over the head. Connect headgear to the frame. Gently tighten the straps so there are no leaks.
* Do not over-tighten any of the headgear straps

To take off the mask system, unhook headgear from frame. Hold frame and guide straps over the head.

Remove the bottom strap of the headgear from the frame.
Slide the top straps of the headgear downwards to find the gap and push the headgear out through the gap. Remove the silicone seal from the mask frame. 3 simple pieces.

Resmed Cleaning Instructions:

Wash your mask seal in luke-warm water with mild soap. Do not soak for more then 10 minutes. Use a cloth to wipe the inside if needed.
Rinse thoroughly with fresh water, ensuring that all soap residues are removed.
Leave out to dry out of the direct sunlight before reassembling.
Hand wash the whole mask in luke-warm water using mild soap. Rinse well and allow to air dry out of direct sunlight.

** Do this in the morning as it will need to be dry for use that night.