Electric Wheelchair Adelaide

Electric Wheelchair Adelaide

Reliable Wheel Chair Experts in Adelaide

Respirico is your preferred electric wheelchair expert in Adelaide. We offer affordable, high-quality options to ensure you are as self-reliant and mobile as possible. Our products are designed to increase your mobility and safety. You can choose from our comprehensive range. At Respirico, we put you in charge of your world. We have offered quality products for over 18 years, meaning we are a trusted company in Adelaide. We know that clients are the backbone of our business, which is why we offer excellent customer service. You can get the latest electric wheelchair from any of our five shops.

Respirico is a fully registered company and NDIS-approved professional. We test our products in much stricter situations than what they would typically experience when you start using them. They are designed to last, are user-friendly and easy to use. Quality is embedded in our culture. As such, we are committed to listening to your needs and offering services that meet those needs to your 100% satisfaction.

Your Ideal Electric Wheelchair Provider in Adelaide

Our electric wheelchair in Adelaide offers the benefits of a traditional wheelchair combined with the ease of motorised mobility. The electric wheelchair is ideal for clients with walking difficulties and limited arm, hand, or upper body strength. They require minimal effort to operate, helping you eliminate the need for a carer push them and enhance your independence. Electric chairs differ from mobility scooters since they feature turning circles, making them suitable for home or aged care facility use. Our electric wheelchairs can suit a range of clients’ needs.

We have comfortable options and aesthetically pleasing designs. In addition, our team has got you covered if you are looking for an option with outstanding performance and a variety of seating options. We have qualified technicians to install the battery and other appliances that power your electric wheelchair. Besides, you can depend on us to service and repair your wheelchair.

Efficient Electric Wheelchair in Adelaide

Are you looking for an innovative electric wheelchair in Adelaide with incredible features to enhance your independence? At Respirico, we offer convenient storage and transport solutions for folding parts and a lightweight design for easy carrying. Our electric wheelchair has safety features, including more stable rear wheels, a super stable footrest, and durable construction. It will keep you safe, even in the most demanding situations.

When service for your wheelchair is due, our technicians are available to visit your home to repair it and ensure that it is back to normal performance within a short time. If you need an electric wheelchair for a short period, you can benefit from our competitively priced hire services.

At Respirico, we do more than guide you during the electric wheelchair purchasing process. Call our team for advice or to ask any questions.

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