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BMC Medical F5A Full Face Mask


The BMC F5A CPAP Mask is a new and latest addition to the BMC Full Face CPAP Mask range for sleep therapy users in Australia. The F5A Full Face CPAP Mask is a forehead frame-free CPAP mask designed to provide a clear field of view without the obstruction of forehead support, therefore, delivering superior comfort throughout the night. Have you tried this mask before? We recommend you try this mask before or come in for a fitting, or there is a 30-day mask guarantee.

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The F5A Full Face CPAP Mask has a single layer soft cushion that is specifically designed to create superior sealing to the contours of your face, therefore, eliminates leaks and bruises. The F5A Full Face sleep apnea mask also has patented easy release clips making it incredibly easy to attach or reattach the headgear. The BMC F5A CPAP Mask is a minimal contact full face mask, therefore, reduces the appearance of CPAP strap marks and pressure points. The Quick-Click Frame Attachment is the newest feature of allowing you to reassemble the mask with ease.


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  • Forehead Frame-Free Design, similar to the BMC N5A Nasal CPAP Mask
  • Quick Click Frame Attachment for effortless reassembling after cleaning.
  • FlexiGroove Auto-fit cushion for maximum comfort.
  • 360° Ball and Socket Elbow Rotation ensuring freedom of movement
  • Single Layered Soft Cushion
  • Easy Release Clips for quick attachment and removal
  • 3-Part Assembly
  • 4 convenient Velcro adjustment points

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