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Devilbiss Oxygen Concentrator 10 Litre


Assembled in the USA and built in the same shell as the 5 Liter, the 10 Liter Concentrator is also compatible with cylinder transfill systems.

Exclusive DeVilbiss Oxygen Sensing Device (OSD) standard on every unit – increases accuracy and reliability for longer service intervals

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  • Convenient top and side handles for easy transport
  • Lockable flow meter
  • Accommodates up to 50 ft of oxygen tubing plus 7 ft of cannula (15.3 m)
  • Durable and reliable design
  • Unit tested in high temperature and high humidity for extended periods of time
  • Proven rotary valve design
  • Maintains oxygen purity up to 5,000 ft
  • Three-year provider service interval
  • Auxiliary Oxygen Port

Why choose This Product:

  • To reduce service and maintenance, alarms do not require a battery. Alarms indicate:
  • Power failure
  • High gas temperature
  • High pressure
  • Low/high flow
  • Low oxygen
  • Service required
  • Pressure-compensated flow meter to ensure accurate flow display

Please note, to purchase an Oxygen Concentrator you must have a current oxygen prescription.

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