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Fisher And Paykel Eson Nasal Mask


The F&P Eson Nasal Mask is designed to perform in tune with you and your needs. It incorporates three key components, the RollFit Seal, ErgoFit Headgear and Easy Frame all designed to work in harmony. Have you tried this mask before? We recommend you try this mask before or come in for a fitting, or there is a 30-day mask guarantee.

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The Fisher & Paykel Eson Nasal Mask is a lightweight nasal mask with limited contact pressure points. Designed with a exhalation diffuser to keep noise levels down.


  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large


  • RollFit Seal
  • Exhalation Diffuser
  • Three simple parts
  • Warranty: 3 months


Hold the Frame with one hand and the headgear in the other. One of the headgear clips should be hooked into frame. Place the seal on the nose and guide the headgear over the head. Hook the unattached headgear clip into the frame. Gently tighten the straps.

* Do not over-tighten any of the headgear straps

Forehead straps should rest horizontally on the forehead, just above the ears.


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