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Fisher And Paykel Myairvo 2 Airspiral Heated Breathing Tube


AirSpiral Heated Breathing Tube for Fisher & Paykel myAirvo 2.

* AirSpiral tube produces up to 93% less condensation than the previous myAirvo tubing.

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In traditional heated tubes, the warm humidified gas in the breathing tube of humidification machines tends to create condensation in the tube if the room temperature is cooler. This results in rainout and makes using the humidification machine difficult. Fisher & Paykel took this into consideration when designing the myAIRVO 2 AirSpiral tube. Its improved two-spiral design prevents condensation by offering an insulating spiral outside of the internal heating spiral.

The Heating Spiral encloses a wire that heats to warm the inside of the tube holding the breathing gas.

The Insulating Spiral further protects the breathing gas from room temperatures creating an insulating bubble.

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