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HIA Reflex Cushion 17x17inch


HIA Varilite Reflex cushion 17×17 inch is a comfortable, self-adjusting cushion of choice for wheelchair users who have low to moderate needs.

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  • Comprised of mixed foam densities for support where it matters
    The foam inside the Varilite Reflex cushion is lighter weight beneath the bony parts of the buttocks, and is made up of medium density foam around the legs for appropriate weight distribution and firmer foam around the edges to provide postural support.
  • Self-setting valve for ease of use
    The built-in air-release system automatically releases a portion of air when the user sits on the cushion. The air-release device allows a fixed amount of immersion and limits bottoming out.
  • Fail safe air-foam technology
    Varilite cushions are fail safe, meaning even with a puncture you have the benefit of the foam in each cushion, to rely on.
  • Skin protection
    Reticulated foam in Varilite covers is breathable, allowing circulation of air and water vapour, helping in the preservation of healthy skin.
  • Water-resistant cover
    The water-resistant (but water vapour permeable) cover makes for low maintenance and peace of mind. It also meets the ISO 16840-10 ignition resistance standard, and is machine washable.
  • Performs after extended use
    The Varilite Reflex cushion shows consistent pressure redistribution even after rigorous life-cycle testing.
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