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HIA Sovereign Snug Slipper


Shear Comfort Sovereign Snugs have a shorter wool pile than other Shear Comfort boots, which gives them a slimmer look. With a non-slip suede sole, feet are kept warm and safe when walking around the house.
Due to their reduced bulk, these slippers are great to take travelling (for indoor use) as they pack away easily and look discreet.

Sold in pairs. Available in Blue.

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  • Slim and portable
    The Shear Comfort Sovereign Snug slipper has the smallest bulk of any Shear Comfort footwear, and is perfect for using as a travel slipper.
  • Non-slip suede sole
    The non-slip flexible sole makes the slipper great for indoor use.
  • Easy to put on and adjust
    Hook and loop straps enable easy adjustment, and the tongue flaps down to allow for ease of putting on.
  • High density wool for added comfort
    The Shear Comfort Sovereign Snugs are made from natural sheepskin which has high density wool providing pressure redistribution and added comfort.
  • Healthy microclimate for the skin
    Wool takes up to 30% of its weight in water vapour without feeling moist. The air trapped between the wool fibres allows heat and moisture to dissipate.
  • Machine washable up to 80 degrees Celsius
    The Shear Comfort sheepskin has been treated to make it easy to wash at up to 80 degrees Celsius – for a hygienic wash.
  • 50 washes guaranteed
    Shear Comfort Sovereign Snugs have a warranty of up to 50 washes when following the manufacturer’s washing instructions using a wool wash.


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