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MC Topro Troja Neuro Safety Brake Rollator 150kg


The TOPRO Troja Neuro is designed especially for people with Parkinson’s or other neurological conditions.

It has a reverse braking system that activates the brakes as standard unless the hand levers are compressed.

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An optional one-handed brake accessory is available for those with limited hand mobility.

One-handed brake accessory
People with Parkinson’s may experience shuffling of the feet or freezing of gate during their walk, from time to time.
If the operator were to trip while walking with the Neuro, the reverse braking system would automatically lock.
Not only would this prevent the rollator from rolling away but it also provides a stationary support to grab onto.

The TOPRO Troja Neuro has a 7-year warranty (excluding on parts that are exposed to natural wear and tear).
Each TOPRO product is developed, designed and made in Norway. Advanced manufacturing equipment, materials used and environmental security give confidence that maximum quality is met in all levels of production.

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