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Mystic Self Folding Care Bed – Rails not included


The Mystic Self Folding Care Bed is unique, versatile, and advanced. Featuring an advanced electronic self-folding and unfolding mechanism which means it can be folded up for storage and transport and then unfolded for use at the touch of a button with no manual handling.
It has full functionality of adjustment, including height, back rest, knee break, leg rest, Trendelenburg, and reverse Trendelenburg, as well as the folding function. It is designed to suit a variety of users and requirements, and so has a large height adjustment range, from a low position of 230mm to a high position of 565mm.

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  • Unique electric self-folding function
  • No tools required for assembly and disassembly
  • Mattress platform goes to low point of 230mm for fall risk users
  • Attractive enclosed wooden bed ends in beech or cream with aluminium detailing
  • Auto-stop sensors to ensure safe operation of self-folding function
  • Handset with lockout function
  • Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg functionality
  • 4 section power adjustable bed
  • Height power adjustable
  • Back rest powered tilt adjustable
  • Knee break powered adjustable
  • Enclosed individual locking castors
  • AkzoNobel quality powder coat
  • Dewert actuators
  • E1 and class 3 fire retardant

Add-ons & Accessories:

  • Rails: three-quarter rails collapsible rails, one-quarter wooden rails
  • Accessories: Self-help pole, IV pole, Clamp rail, padded rail covers, Mattress bolsters, Transport trolley


  • Safe Working Load: 213kg
  • Overall length: 2140 mm
  • Overall width: 980 mm
  • Mattress platform length: 2020 mm
  • Mattress platform width: 870 mm
  • Head down tilt: 0-11°
  • Foot down tilt: 0-11°
  • Head/Footer width: 980 mm
  • Mattress platform height: 230-565 mm
  • Underbed clearance to frame: 295 mm
  • Underbed clearance min: 145 mm
  • Back adjustment: 0-72°
  • Knee break adjustment: 0-30°
  • Leg rest adjustment: -27-0°

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