Philips Respironics Dreamstation Cellular Modem With Data Plan


The DreamStation Cellular Modem comes as an optional add-on to Philips Respironics DreamStations and provides additional connectivity options on top of standard integrated Bluetooth, allowing the remote monitoring and management of patient treatment.

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When it comes to communication, the DreamStation has almost all angles covered. The DreamMapper is an application from Philips Respironics which enables you to upload data from your machine to various devices. There is Bluetooth that you can use to connect your machine with your phone, computer or tablet. Wi-Fi is also available in the event that you find yourself in the middle of nowhere but need to upload data to your machine. The final communication option you have is purchasing a cellular modem which goes for $150. Data from the modem will be uploaded to the application an hour after you have finished using your machine.

The application is meant to motivate patients to be more involved in the treatment of their sleep apnea.

The Dreamstation Cellular Modem can be added to the machine at any time to update to the data plan.

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