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Philips Respironics Dreamwear Under The Nose Mask with S/M/MW/L Cushions and NEW Armed Headgear


The innovative design of DreamWear offers you the freedom and comfort to sleep in the way you would like. It provides an unobstructed view, reliable seal, exceptional comfort, and freedom of movement. Includes a fit pack of all size cushions (Small, Medium, Large, Medium-Wide). Have you tried this mask before? We recommend you try this mask before or come in for a fitting, or there is a 30-day mask guarantee.

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  • Medium Frame with all sized cushions (small, medium, large, medium-wide).


  • The mask cushion lies gently under the nose, which helps to prevent pressure points on the bridge of the nose and unpleasant skin irritations on the nostrils.
  • Provides freedom of movement throughout the night
  • The exhaled air is not discharged directly at the nose, but at the top of the head. This hose positioning allows for more freedom of movement throughout the night.
  • Open field of vision
  • Soft, flexible mask frame
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