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Therapeutic Pillow Bed Wedge in Quilted Cover


Contoured memory foam bed wedge.
Featuring a removable 2cm top layer of memory foam for a more superior feel and a scalloped top surface for more support when sleeping or resting in an elevated position.

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o Angle can be adjusted anywhere between 10? – 15?
o Height can be adjusted from 17-25cm
o Can be used on the bed, couch or floor
o Available in quilted or waterproof cover
Designed to provide a range of therapeutic benefits including:
o Recovery from ENT surgery
o Relief from Acid Reflux/Gastric Reflux and heartburn
o Assists recovery from ear, nose and throat surgery
o Reduces snoring
o Alleviates of breathing problems
o Eases chest congestion
Aids in recovery from ENT surgery
Recovery from Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) surgery can be greatly enhanced and more comfortable with the use of the bed wedge or similar type device. By putting the user in a more angled or upright position the pain and discomfort associated with ENT surgery can be lessened enabling a faster recovery.
Recovery from surgery relating to oral cavity, upper pharynx (mouth and throat) and adjacent structures of the neck or head may also be improved.
Innovative Australian design – Made with comfort and support in mind
Minimise pressure: The angle and surface contour minimises pressure on lower back and buttocks.
Secure: Contoured scalloped surface moulds to the body’s contours giving the user a secure feeling.
Adjustable: Height and angle can be changed by removing an internal wedge to lower the bed wedge.
Designed to be used with a low pillow.
Adjustable height
Adjust the product to the following heights by inserting or removing layers.
o 25cm with both the memory foam layer and with the foam insert left in the product
o 23cm with the memory foam layer removed and with the foam insert left in the product
o 19cm with the memory foam layer left on the product and the foam insert removed from the product
o 17cm with both the memory foam layer and the foam insert removed from the product
Cover options
Quilted: recommended for all users with the exception of when waterproof material is required.

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