Respirico ScooterWorld – FiveAA Best of SA 2023

At Respirico ScooterWorld, we are honoured to have partnered with FIVEaa’s Best of SA campaign again in 2023, which has become a shining beacon for celebrating the excellence and achievements of South Australia. As a community-driven organisation deeply committed to promoting health awareness and equality across beloved state, we couldn’t be prouder to support a campaign that embodies the values we hold dear. We are proud to have joined forces with the Best of SA campaign and the positive impact it has had on our community.


Respirico ScooterWorld had the opportunity to be part of radio FIVEaa’s 2023 Best of SA Promotion. Our focus is in supporting patients and medical professionals in the fields of Sleep, Respiratory and Mobility.

Listen to our Sleep and CPAP Manager, Rebekah Platonas, discuss the importance of your sleep apnea symptoms reviewed, and how you can begin your journey to better sleep.

Listen to our Chief Business Development Office, Shane Ladhams, delve into the realm of restful nights and discuss how locals can improve their #sleep health.


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