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Respirico Sleep Study And CPAP Trial

A signed Respirico referral form from your doctor is required for us to conduct a home-based sleep study.
Medicare may cover the cost of the sleep study if you satisfy specific criteria outlined in the referral form.

1. Home-based
Sleep Study

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An appointment will be organised for a home-based sleep study, and one of our experienced sleep technicians will set you up.

2. Results reviewed
by your physician

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Your sleep study results will then be sent to a sleep specialist and reviewed. If your results are positive and PAP therapy is required, a CPAP trial will likely be recommended.

3. Book in for a 5-week
CPAP trial

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A deposit of $290 is required at the first appointment, which covers the entire trial period. If you buy a machine from Respirico at the end of the trial, your $290 deposit will be refunded towards the purchase price.

4. Initial 45-minute CPAP
set-up appointment

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The initial appointment takes roughly 45 minutes, which allows our qualified CPAP consultants to discuss sleep apnea and CPAP treatment, mask selection, operating instructions and cleaning and maintenance of equipment.

5. Weekly monitoring and
unlimited support

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During the trial you will be monitored by Respirico either remotely or in-person, allowing us to review your progress, send your results to your physician, and make any necessary changes to improve your therapy. You may try different demo masks and machines from a wide range of brands such as Philips, Fisher & Paykel, Resmed, Devilbiss, Lowenstein, and BMC.

6. End of trial

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At the end of the trial, patients have the option to purchase their own equipment, continue renting, or just return the equipment.

7. On-going Respirico Elite
member care and support

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Customers who have purchased their machine from Respirico receive a FREE membership of ‘Respirico Elite’, which entitles them to free support for the life of their machine, as well as other discounts and benefits.

Sleep Studies

Do you find yourself or your partner constantly snoring? Are you always tired?

Respirico Healthcare offer Medicare covered sleep studies, in the comfort of your own home!

Our experienced technicians will set you up on the night and make the process as easy as possible. We will provide your referring doctor a copy of the independently assessed report to assist with diagnosis. If Sleep Apnea is diagnosed, Respirico Healthcare consultants can guide you through the therapy and device trial process.

Download our sleep study referral form below, to be filled out with your doctor.

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