Portable Oxygen Concentrator Trials

We offer a trial of portable oxygen concentrators (POCs) at a fixed price of $150, regardless of the brand or model. The trial period lasts for one week and can be conducted at home, in a facility, or at our store. This allows patients to test the equipment and see how well it fits their lifestyle.

They can also consult with their respiratory physician or nurse to get their opinion before making a purchase. If they decide to buy the POC after the trial, the $150 trial fee will be deducted from the total price.

Portable Oxygen Concentrator Buyback Guarantee

We understand that medical conditions and life can change unexpectedly, and the equipment that is suitable at one point may become unnecessary or less practical later. The guaranteed buy back policy allows patients and families to adapt to their changing medical needs and lifestyle without worrying about being stuck with equipment they no longer require.

With our policy, we commit to buying back the device within the first two years if the patient no longer requires it due to unfortunate medical circumstances. This provides reassurance to patients and their families, knowing that they can enjoy outings and experiences without worrying about the financial burden. The repurchase value is calculated based on a predefined formula, and deductions are made for missing accessories or the device’s condition.

Portable Oxygen Concentrator Features

For further information and specifications, kindly refer to the attached PDFs. We also have a range of other products details you may find interesting, such as the Bird Healthcare Portable Nebulizers, O2 Ring, and Pulse Oximeter!



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